Creators Who Boosted Their Livestreams by Buying YouTube Live Views


  • Briefly discuss the idea of buying live views as a potentially controversial, yet strategic tool for YouTube creators.
  • Acknowledge the skepticism but present the concept that, when used wisely, it can enhance livestream visibility and lead to real growth.
  • Explain that the blog will highlight creators who have incorporated this into their strategy, focusing on their specific results.

Creator Profiles

Choose 2-3 creators to showcase. It's ideal if you can get direct interviews. If not, research to find those who've spoken publicly about it or showcase clear evidence of their growth post-view purchase. Here's what to include per creator:

  • Profile: A brief introduction to their channel, content niche, and target audience.
  • The Goal: What were they aiming to achieve with their livestream (launch a product, boost subscriber count, gain exposure, etc.)?
  • The Strategy: How many live views did they buy? Did they combine this with other promotional efforts (social media, collaborations, etc.)?
  • The Results:
    • Highlight increases in live viewership during the stream.
    • Did they see a boost in subscribers, comments, or watch time on other videos following the livestream?
    • Any other tangible benefits like new partnerships or increased recognition.
  • Their Advice: Ask them (or glean from their public statements) for tips on maximizing the use of purchased views and how to combine it with authentic engagement.


  • Summarize the key takeaways from these creator success stories.
  • Emphasize that buying live views should be one aspect of a well-rounded livestream promotion strategy.
  • Encourage readers to focus on providing excellent, engaging live content to fully benefit from increased exposure.