Buying YouTube Comments: What to Look for and How to Do It Right


  • Briefly explain the concept of buying YouTube comments and acknowledge the potential controversy around this practice.
  • State the goal of the blog post: To help readers make informed decisions if they choose to explore this option.

The Benefits of Buying YouTube Comments (Done Strategically)

  • Social Proof: Explain how a higher comment count can make a video seem more popular and encourage organic engagement.
  • Kickstarting Conversations: Bought comments can act as a catalyst, prompting genuine comments and discussions from viewers.
  • Improved Visibility: Increased activity may help in YouTube's algorithm and give your video better placement.

What to Look for in a Reputable YouTube Comment Service

  • Real and Relevant Comments: Avoid bot comments that are generic or off-topic. Look for services that offer custom, tailored comments.
  • Delivery: Good providers spread out the delivery to appear more natural.
  • Retention: Choose a service that guarantees their comments won't disappear.
  • Customer Support: A reputable provider will offer easy ways to contact them with questions or concerns.

How to Buy YouTube Comments and Use Them Effectively

  • Choosing a Provider: Offer a few reputable options, but emphasize that readers should do their own research too.
  • Setting a Budget: Outline how pricing models often work (per comment or packages).
  • Being Strategic: Advise buying a moderate number of comments relative to a video's existing views and engagement to maintain believability.
  • Combine with Organic Efforts: Stress that buying comments won't replace creating great content and actively interacting with your audience.

Warnings and Considerations

  • Potential for Inauthenticity: Acknowledge that people may be able to spot bought comments.
  • YouTube's Policies: Remind readers of YouTube's guidelines against fake engagement, though clarify that buying comments isn't explicitly banned.
  • Focus on the Long Term: Prioritize building a genuine, engaged community for sustainable success.


  • Summarize the key points for making informed decisions about buying YouTube comments.
  • Offer a final thought that this technique can be one tool, but should not be your sole focus for growth.